How does Cyberdoorman™ see my building?
Cyberdoorman™ is connected to your building using a high speed internet connection. It is secured on both ends. It requires a static IP.

How does Cyberdoorman™ talk to my building?
Cyberdoorman™ uses a regular telephone line connected to our special devices at the building, in addition if the internet is rendered not operable, the telephone line can be used by Cyberdoorman™ to open the doors as well. Residents and visitors will be able to "call" Cyberdoorman™ by simply pressing a button at the intercom or in the lobby. Cyberdoorman™ can "call" the building at anytime.

How much money can we save?
Buildings that already employ a security officer or doorman pay an extremely large amount of money each year. Cyberdoorman™ can replace the doorman or security guard in many cases. The savings in that alone would be substantial. In excess of $ 75,000.00 per year.

In buildings that have no security officer or doorman the savings will be seen in the prevention of loss that Cyberdoorman™ would create. Having a digital video system that can be remotely viewed will save a substantial amount of money in insurance and other related loss. Digital images help in lawsuits as well as theft. The annual fee paid to Cyberdoorman™ includes retrieval of all incidents and events that the board requests.