Cyberdoorman™ is a technologically advanced security system that will revolutionize the way we look at security for apartment buildings and complexes in the 21st century. Not only is Cyberdoorman™ a cost-effective way to fully protect your building from the threats of intruders and fire, it is also a way to provide security while eliminating human error.

Cyberdoorman™ Package Service:
Cyberdoorman™ allows remote access to the building for deliveries, pickups and maintenance such as dry cleaning, laundry, groceries, UPS, Fedex, Con Ed or cable. This takes place when occupants are not at home or do not want to be disturbed. Packages are stored in a secured closet that Cyberdoorman™ can control remotely. These instructions are based on customized information given to Cyberdoorman™ by owners or occupants.

Cyberdoorman™ Concierge service:
Cyberdoorman™ allows remote access to your building for visitors who are at the building. When occupants have a visitor, the visitor will ring the bell on the intercom panel. Cyberdoorman™ will answer the call in our Central Station and make a phone call to the tenant, telling them that they have a visitor requesting access to see them. Access will be granted or denied by the tenant, and Cyberdoorman™ will act on the tenants instructions. Remotely opening the front door and a vestibule door if present. The visitor is being viewed remotely by Cyberdoorman™, while the incident is taking place.